On February 22, 2024 the economic and monetary affairs committee of the European Parliament adopted its opinion on the proposed directive regulating transfer pricing (as released by the European Commission on September 12, 2023).

It particularly aims to shorten by one year the entry into force of the directive (2025 instead of 2026), re-establish the EU Joint Transfer Pricing Forum, and align as closely as possible to the latest OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines, while acknowledging that space could subsequently be made for UN guidelines. Finally, MEPs want the Commission to be empowered to put forward further implementing rules on the matter rather than the Council.

The position, spearheaded by Kira Peter-Hansen (Greens/EFA, DK), was adopted by 28 votes to 3 and 2 abstentions.

Next steps

Parliament’s plenary will be called to confirm this opinion in one of the coming sessions, after which it will pass to the Council for consideration when the member states adopt the definitive act.


The text of the Proposal for a Council Directive on transfer pricing as released by the European Commission can be found here.



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